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Strike Pro Bandit Paddle Tail Slow Sink 22cm

Strike Pro Bandit Paddle Tail Slow Sink 22cm

Bandit Paddle Tail is a further development of Bandit Tail. This version is an awesome lure for spinning and casting, it rolls and flashes its sides when retrieved. It has also got an irregular head shake and a small erratic side movement. This often makes following fish bite! Bandit Paddle Tail can be fished both fast or super slow whack makes it an all-round bait for every season. It's fished from 0,3 to 1 meter but sinks head first so count it down for deep, slow retrieve. Try it with Strike Pro Power Dots for deeper presentation! 23cm 80 grams.


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Jimmy Lindahl Pro tip

Ohh my, this bait has become one of my absolute favourites. Like the Big Bandit jerkbait the Bandit Paddle tail works all year long. A variety of spare tails and a varied retrieve makes this bait produce fish in almost every situation. Try it for flowing water. You will be surprised how well it works.

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