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Big Pike Challenge 2015

Length102 cm
BaitStrike Pro Big Bandit Slow Sinking 19,6cm
Descriptionmemorable day of fishing with taking my first pike surveying .It had rained heavily the previous night, which had seriously lowers the temperature of the water .I knew the topography of this spot but I had never released anything . I began by raking the area with my x-buster shallow, without result. I then tried a big bandit sinking in order to explore further. Pike attacked on a break of the lure, I can assure you that I have seen my "big jig" fold. The battle was short but intense, everything is then without a hitch because the area was not crowded. From experience I know that the pike "older" are sometimes completely ko after those who are fighting for them synonymous with survival. Once in the landing net I let him regain his senses and got rid of the lure. After photo, he replied without difficulty.
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