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Hard news from Strike Pro

Strike Pro Inquisitor Tungsten
A true twitch-bait, Inquisitor is 100% Suspending and has a ruffled side-to-side gait when "twitchar" / jerk the rod tip. Compact weight transfer systems in tungsten! This means throws out of the ordinary! Strike Pro's next weapon of big perch, trout and bass, produced in collaboration with the Japanese lure designers! Depth from 0.2 to 1.5 meters depending on lindimension. 8cm, 8g.

Strike Pro Flap Jack
This lip solve wobbler, also called Rattle Bait or rattletrap, can really shake butt. High frequency vibrations and several clattering bullets do Flap Jack to a bait that is heard from afar. A perfect bait for example, to scan large areas of water quickly. Depth of 0.5 meters at a constant speed admission to 3 meters at a slower intake or slow jigging. 6,5cm, 14g.

Strike Pro Astro Vibe UV
This is a hard vibrating Bladebait, which is a variant of a Rattlebait but in solid metal. However, Astro Vibe has something extra, a hollow stomach with small rattling balls, which gives even a frequency to the bait. This stomach is additionally made of UV Coated plastic, which is illuminated with a violet glow in all weather! Astro Vibe drops quickly and can be fished very deep, even completely vertical, but may be due to the buoyancy of the bait during rapid repatriation fished as shallow as about 2 meters deep. Highly versatile small bait in other words! 5,5cm, 17g.

Strike Pro Perch Pop
Next generation popper is here. Strike Pro Perch Pop have substantially curved front and a specially designed head with cavities in the mouth extending behind the gills. The size is perfect for the big perch! 7cm, 12g.


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